Product Realization

JCE Group is renowned for its engineering expertise providing a professional product realization service. Our disciplines range from electrical, electronics, software, Ex equipment and product certification.

We have the capability to engineer custom designed products and projects, including certification for compliance with European and International Standards along with the appropriate regulations. Combined with our manufacturing facilities, we can develop products from initial concept to final design.


LIGHTPATH Ex - Fibre illumination System

We received a request for a solution that could illuminate escape routes and provide helipad lighting in potentially explosive and challenging environments.

As a result we developed the product LIGHTPATH Ex, a fibre illumination system that projects a continuous line of light carrying no electrical power, making it 100% safe for users in either Zone 0 or Zone 1 areas.

This innovative system comprises of optical fibre and an explosion proof enclosure, with or without battery back-up. It was designed in collaboration with PhotoSynergy Ltd (PSL), a research and development company based in University of St Andrews, to improve the safety of personnel operating in hazardous environments. LIGHTPATH Ex has potential applications in a number of sectors where there may be a risk of fire and/or explosion, including nuclear power stations, petrochemical plants, offshore installations and distillery/bonded warehouse operations.

Escape Route Illumination System

EAB10 Product Realization


The EAB10 antenna enclosure was developed with Stats Group, in order to provide Stats group with a suitable ATEX compliant Zone 1 rated antenna to suit radio communications with instruments inside pipe lines. The product had to be light and a certain level of radio wave energy had to pass through the housing. The Ex protection type ‘e’ increased safety was chosen as the main type of explosion protection, which enabled the housing to be made of carbon enriched glass fibre. Various compositions of carbon powder and resin were produced and tested to meet the certification and functional criteria.


The EMH29P enclosure was developed with Patol Ltd for their 5000 series flame detector. The product is based on the JCE Group EMH29 Instrument Housing and incorporates a unique lens material manufactured by Patol Ltd. The unit is rated Ex d & Ex tb, for Zone 1 & Zone 21, gas and dust hazardous areas. A special guard provides impact protection of the lens material and features an air curtain to keep the lenses clean. Further to Patol Ltd requiring South Korean certification, we successfully applied for KGS certification.

EMH29P Product Realization

OFU1 Product Realization


The OFU 1 was developed for Calibre Power Electronics Ltd, as a turnkey project for an application with a UPS system. The OFU1 is an EX o , oil filled power resistor. The main body is stainless steel, with an Aluminium alloy cover. A n Ex e terminal enclosure is provided to enable segregation from the oil filled compartment, for convenient termination of external cables. The unit has a sight glass for checking the oil level. Due to the power dissipation and relatively high surface temperature, oil immersion has been adopted as the type of explosion protection. The project was completed in 12 weeks from concept, to build, and ATEX certification. Notified Body Element (formerly TRL) witnessed all compliance tests at our works and issued a Unit Verification Certificate.

Restricted Breathing Test Kit

The Restricted Breathing Test Kit was developed for a Client with the purpose of providing an innovative solution to carrying out routine maintenance on all of their Ex nR equipment. The test kit has a compact design with a vacuum gauge mounted on a standalone plate and a velcro hand strap should space not be available. The hand pump attaches to the plate and the vacuum line to the enclosure and it is used to create the correct vacuum, in accordance with the supplied instructions. If this is achieved the enclosure is safe to return to duty until the next scheduled test.