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JCE Group (UK) Ltd Complete 3 Ex nA Remote I/O Panels for Siemens PLC




JCE Group (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce the successful completion and delivery of three Ex nA Remote I/O Panels to Siemens PLC, for use on the Shah Deniz project in Azerbaijan.


The manufacture of these remote I/O Panels was commissioned by Siemens in January 2015 and were built for the purpose of turbine control on the Shah Deniz. From January onwards, JCE worked continuously to achieve Siemens’ required completion dates; something we are pleased to announce was accomplished, with Factory Acceptance Testing concluding in July of this year.


During the extensive build process, JCE group are delighted to have formed a strong relationship with the Siemens team and are confident these strong ties will continue, and be favourable for both companies, for years to come.


For further information, please contact us at: info@jcegroup.com