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Zone 2 Solar Power System

Zone 2 Solar Power System

JCE Energy successfully completed the manufacture and installation of a Zone 2 Solar Power System at a refinery plant in Kuwait.

Our client tendered this project with the objective of finding a cost effective solution to power a Chemical Injection Unit in a remote desert environment. Responding to these requirements, JCE Energy supplied a Zone 2 Solar Power System which has the capacity to convert and provide power during periods of sunlight or limited UV, whilst demanding minimal maintenance and inspection.

The entire Solar Power Package, comprising of SPA-280 Solar Panels, Solar Controller/Distribution Enclosures, Solar Combiner Enclosures, 1689Ah Battery Packs, 1408Ah Battery Packs and 100A 3ph Battery Isolator Panels, was designed and manufactured by JCE Energy. All the supply, drawings and technical specifications were in compliance with ATEX directive 94/9/EC.

This system has a wide range of potential applications, including, but not limited to navigational aids, alarm systems, valve monitoring and bird deterrent systems.


For further information on our portfolio of Solar Panel Products, please visit: http://www.jceenergy.com/product-range/solar-panel/

Zone 2 Solar Power System Control and Battery Package